Iñaki Santos vision of art

This site looks to immortalize de creativity of art inspiration from Iñaki's life experience, emotions, and the expectation to make other people's lives better from the perspective of having real art in their lives with all spirits involved from the moments of life

Multimedia collage


All our collections of fashion products are from patterns designed by hand... 


All our collections of fashion products are from patterns designed by hand... 

  • Arts

    The goal of all artists is to create experiences that are memorable and
    engaging. The goal of the artistic advisor is to help the artist achieve
    inspired nirvana, a perfect harmony between the individual and the art,
    without any interference in the creation whether it is a sculpture, painting or photograph. We believe that to be understood artwork needs to be simple, comprehensive expressions of the artist’s intentions. Iñaki Santos recognizes that art allows public participation and individual re-creations of the art itself. Our work is based on fundamental artistic needs.

  • Graphic

    Graphic expression and visual thinking are a central part of human recognition. Current marketing and communication tools enable consumers and companies to converse with each other. Allow IÑAKI Art & Design to augment market visibility by creating the designs for your brand. We create institutional branding which is both desirable to consumers and viable for businesses.

  • Going to market

    IÑAKI Art & Design understands how to effectively bring your products and services to the market. Our unique approach creates both new enhancements and improvements to existing products significantly increasing market appeal.


    Shopping is not only about a purchase, it is also about an experience. Our work in retail solutions shapes design space to showcase products, serve customers effectively, and meet your business objectives creating fulfilling, memorable customer purchasing experiences.